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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayDestiny?

PayDestiny is an interactive platform that provides tools to build skills and confidence to get promoted and the pay you deserve.

Think of PayDestiny as a free “bank” for your achievements. Use PayDestiny to deposit, quantify, and leverage your personal and professional achievements to get recognized at work, promoted, and a raise every year. 

On PayDestiny you can:

  • Deposit professional and personal achievements into your Achievement Bank
  • Track career milestones, 
  • Tag and track the achievements your boss cares about,
  • Calculate your total compensation package, 
  • Get tips to increase the likelihood of successful performance reviews, 
  • Learn common promotion interview questions
  • Learn common compensation questions
  • Learn common compensation/ pay raise request rebuttals, 
  • Run mock promotion interviews, 
  • Run mock compensation negotiations, 
  • Build your performance review and compensation discussion skills, 
  • Build your confidence, 
  • Recognize and celebrate your career progress, 
  • Get tools to accelerate your career and increase your pay,
  • And, more!

Who should use PayDestiny?

PayDestiny is a great resource for underrepresented, underrecognized, and underpaid individuals, to track work successes, learn how to quantify successes, and share successes with managers and employers using language that increases promotions and pay.

People that can benefit most from PayDestiny include, but are not limited to:

    • Any woman
    • Latinas
    • Black women
    • Indigenous women
    • Black men
    • Latinos
    • Indigenous men
    • Persons with disabilities 
    • Persons who identify at LGBTQ+
    • Persons who identify at underrepresented
    • Persons who identify as underrecognized
    • Persons who identify as underpaid


Do you give back?

​Yes, PayDestiny gives back.

PayDestiny reinvests two percent of every purchase to create subscription scholarships. Scholarships are provided through our Adelante Initiative to non-profit partners and community groups who work with persons:

• Who were formerly incarcerated or in the prison system and preparing for re-entry,

• Who are housing insecure,

• Who have a disability, and/or

• Who identify as an under resourced Latino/ Latina/ Latinx or Indigenous American.

How do I use PayDestiny to get a promotion and increase my pay?
PayDestiny is intentionally designed to help any person, in any industry, at any state of their career get promoted and increase their pay. We do this by providing access to tools that:

  • Turn personal and professional achievements into data that employers care about,
  • Prepare you to have productive promotion and salary negotiations.

Use PayDestiny to:

  • Deposit and quantify achievements daily or weekly
  • Tag achievements your employer cares about
  • Practice promotion conversations using your achievement bank data
  • Practice compensation conversations using your achievement bank data

Whether you’re someone who is just starting their career and wants to establish a solid foundation to maximize career success and pay or you’re mid career and want to get paid what you deserve, PayDestiny can help you build skills and confidence to advance your career and increase your pay.

What types of interactive promotion interview questions can I access on PayDestiny?
With a Premium Plus account on PayDestiny you can access interactive promotion interview questions that span 10 promotion question categories:

  • Current and Future Job Description Interview Questions
  • Leadership Interview Questions
  • Persistence Interview Questions
  • Personal Drive Interview Questions
  • Qualification Interview Questions
  • STAR Interview Questions/ Behavioral Interview Questions
  • Teamwork Interview Questions
  • Why You Interview Questions
  • Work History Interview Questions
  • Work Style Interview Questions
How do I use PayDestiny to learn compensation and salary negotiation skills?
With a PayDestiny Premium Plus account you can access interactive compensation interview questions as well as interactive rebuttals to pay raise requests (these are the "No" statements and reasons you might hear).

Use our library of interactive questions to run interactive mock compensation discussions and salary negotiations. Prepare answers to common compensation questions and rebuttals using your PayDestiny achievement bank and the performance data your employer cares about most.

Use PayDestiny to prepare for compensation discussions. Learn the most common compensation questions, rebuttals, and concerns before you meet with your employer/ manager. Develop skills to have confident and productive compensation discussions that result in an increase in pay.

Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Premium and Premium Plus subscription memberships can be purchased as a gift. To gift a subscription select the “Is this a gift?’ at checkout.

Do you offer refunds?

PayDestiny does not offer refunds for the following four reasons:

1.) Instant value
Once you access our Premium features you instantly receive value by interacting with personally developed, researched, and/or developed promotion, compensation, and pay raise tools. 

Requesting a refund for PayDestiny’s solutions would be like getting a free sample of your meal, liking it, ordering the entire meal, then attempting to return a portion of the uneaten food for a refund because you “didn’t like” the meal. 

2.) Our Achievement Bank is Free

To ensure every person has access to meaningful tools to get a promotion and increase their pay we choose not charge for everything we offer. Our Achievement Bank is free. This helps to level the playing field and ensures we do not contribute to the creation of financial barriers that hinder career advancement and pay growth for the people who are most underpaid and overlooked. 

3.) We are compassionately priced and put people before profit

We are intentionally compassionately priced. Compassionate pricing is the process of purposely setting a product’s price below market rates. We choose to be below the market rate because we are opposed to the creation of financial barriers that block people from accessing tools that level the playing field and help them level up. Every person with the desire, passion, work ethic, and persistence to achieve their goals should have the same access to tools to do so. We put people before profit and are intentionally compassionately priced.

4.) We giveback

We reinvest two percent of every purchase to create PayDestiny scholarships. Our subscription scholarships are provided to individuals that were formerly incarcerated, currently incarcerated and preparing for re-entry, that are developmentally delayed or have a disability, housing insecure, and/ or identify as an under resourced Latino/ Latina/ Latinx or Indigenous-American.

If you do not support compassionate pricing, agree to PayDestiny’s Terms of Service, and agree to our no refund policy (detailed in our Terms of Service) please do not purchase a subscription. No refund will be provided. Any dispute that may arise will be handled in accordance to our Terms of Service.

What is Compassionate Pricing?

Compassionate Pricing is the process of intentionally setting a commercial retail price below market rates so that the product is available to any socioeconomic group. We developed the phrase “Compassionate Pricing” to summarize our ideology.

PayDestiny believes every person with the desire, passion, work ethic, and persistence to achieve their goals should have the same access to tools to do so.

PayDestiny is opposed to the creation of manufactured financial barriers. An example of a manufactured financial barrier is charging underrecognized and underpaid individuals hundreds to thousands of dollars for limited scope career coaching.

Excessive prices create an unlevel playing field where one must be financially privileged to access meaningful tools to get a promotion and pay raise.

We put people before profit and work to level the playing field by intentionally setting Compassionate Pricing.

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