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Looking to overcome at toxic workplace?

In this episode of The PayDestiny Podcast learn how Shelia Gibson spent years dealing with gender discrimination and microaggressions at work. Learn how she managed to succeed in a toxic workplace and eventually left the law firm where she worked, sued for discrimination and won, all the while simultaneously growing her own thriving IP law firm (based on her values). Unlock her insights to:

  • Successfully navigate a toxic workplace,
  • Overcome workplace challenges, and 
  • Overcome work obstacles as a woman.

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The PayDestiny Podcast Episode 5

Toxic Workplace Overcoming Work Challenges with Sheila Gibson 🇲🇽🇺🇸





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Episode Summary

Sheila Gibson

Guest: Toxic Workplace Overcoming Work Challenges with Sheila Gibson 🇲🇽🇺🇸

Have you ever found yourself feeling stuck in a toxic workplace?

Entrepreneur and intellectual property lawyer, Sheila Gibson, shares her experience being labelled “unmotivated” by partners at the law firm she worked at because she, as a mother, preferred working remotely. Despite her excellent track record Sheila found herself being harassed, discriminated against, and overlooked for opportunities. After years of sticking it out she left the firm, sued for discrimination, and won! Learn how Sheila maintained an excellent track record of success while working in a toxic work environment and how as an “unmotivated mother” she went on to found her own thriving intellectual property law firm.

Guest Bio

Sheila Gibson is the founder of Aura IP Law, an Intellectual Property (IP) Law firm focused on the IP needs of entities specializing in cannabis, life sciences, medical devices, cosmetics, food and beverage, retail and sports innovation.

Prior to law school, Sheila studied Microbiology and Molecular Genetics and worked in the biotech industry manufacturing gene therapeutics in a GMP facility. After law school, she began her career in Intellectual Property (IP) at a nationally recognized IP boutique and practiced at several top-tier law firms prior to starting her own firm.

She has counseled clients at every stage from startup to large, publicly traded companies, and she advises her cannabis clients in all aspects of IP, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, branding, licensing, IP transactions, IP agreements, opinion work, due diligence, product launch, and pre-litigation strategy for trademark ownership disputes.


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About the PayDestiny Podcast

The PayDestiny Podcast is dedicated to ensuring Latinas, women, and underrepresented professionals are: 1.) competitively paid, and 2.) represented in leadership positions.

Each episode interviews a Latina/Latino/Latinx employee, decision maker, or business owner who shares insights on how they overcame challenges to increase their pay, get promoted, and reach career goals, and/or how they make compensation and promotion decisions.

Each guest participates in a game of situational instinct where they are provided a series of workplace scenarios and have to share how they would handle each situation to ensure their career growth and goals are not hindered before a timer runs out.

Through the lived experiences of Latinas, Latinos, and Latinx professionals listeners can learn how to navigate and overcome challenges to career and pay growth.

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