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A podcast dedicated to closing the Latina wage gap and increasing Latina representation in leadership positions.



San Diego, CA, Tuesday, September 21, 2021 — The PayDestiny Podcast, the first ever podcast dedicated to closing the Latina wage gap and increasing Latina representation in leadership positions within corporate America, is set to launch on Latina Equal Pay Day, Thursday, October 21, 2021.

“The Latino culture has a value of working hard with humility. This (beautiful) value paired with systemic issues in corporate America contribute to the Latina wage gap and the lack of Latina representation in C-Suite leadership positions.

In addition to providing Latinas software to increase pay and get promoted PayDestny is dedicated to ensuring Latinas have access to stories of women who look like them, who have been underpaid and overlooked for promotions, and overcome obstacles to successfully increase pay, get promoted, and reach career goals,” said Adriana Herrera, The PayDestiny Podcast Host and Founder of PayDestiny.

The PayDestiny Podcast is geared towards the four million degree holding professional Latinas in the United States yet relevant to all underpaid and overlooked working Latinas/ Latinos/ Latinx, women, and underrepresented professionals.

The inaugural season consists of eight episodes with six Latinas and two Latinos. Guests share their experiences climbing the corporate ladder at top companies like Geico, Mitu, Univision, Mastercard, SAP, amongst others.

A synopsis of each guest and their episode can be found here:

Format: Interview and Workplace Instinct Game
Each episode is 60 minutes long during which guests share their unique challenges and experiences getting promoted, earning equitable pay, and reaching career goals, and/ or methods in which they make promotion and pay raise decisions as a business owner or for employees they supervise.

Each guest participates in a game of instinct where they are provided a series of workplace scenarios and have to share how they would handle each situation to ensure their goals are not hindered before a timer runs out.

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The PayDestiny Podcast can be streamed on PayDestiny, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, YouTube, Pandora, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, iHeartRadio,, Deezer, and via RSS.

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Fan Communication
Fans of The PayDestiny Podcast can contact Sandra Hanks via email at to provide feedback and/or to submit ideas for the podcast. Fans can contact interview guests via the information provided on the guest’s episode page on Anyone wanting to become a guest on the podcast can complete this form:

About the Host, Adriana Herrera
Adriana Herrera is a Mexican American social entrepreneur and technologist. As an underrepresented professional she began her career grossly underpaid. She was inspired to create PayDestiny when the pandemic hit. You can learn more about her extensive background here: Adriana Herrera Bio.

Latina Wage Gap Statistics
Nationally, Latinas earn $0.55 for every dollar a White male colleague earns doing the same job. In California Latinas experience an even wider wage gap, earning $0.44 for every dollar a White male colleague earns. In places like the Silicon Valley Latinas are reported to earn as little as $0.38 for every dollar a White male colleague earns.

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Media assets available upon request.

About PayDestiny
PayDestiny provides women and underrepresented professionals free and compassionately priced software to build skills and confidence to get promoted, increase pay, and reach career goals. PayDestiny’s software solutions include a free Achievement Bank to quantify and track career achievements, tools to set and track career goals, resources to get noticed at work, a three step process to build skills to successfully negotiate salary, amongst other tools to reach career goals. To create your PayDestiny account or to learn more visit

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HolaDestiny, the parent company of PayDestiny, is a family of free and compassionately priced software solutions working to ensure every professional has access to resources to get hired, get promoted, increase pay, and fulfill their destiny. HolaDestiny consists of InterviewDestiny, software to build interview skills and confidence, and PayDestiny, software to build skills and confidence to get promoted, increase pay, and reach career goals. For more information please visit

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