Adriana Herrera

Looking for salary negotiation strategies to overcome being underpaid?

In this episode of The PayDestiny Podcast learn how Amelia Martinez Holt went from being so underpaid she couldn’t afford basic food and necessities to earning a six figure salary in her late twenties to negotiating over $80 Billion in international transactions for Fortune 100 companies. Learn:

  • Salary negotiation strategies, 
  • How to overcome being underpaid, and 
  • How to maintain a positive mindset when underpaid. 


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The PayDestiny Podcast Episode 3

Salary Negotiation Strategies to Overcome Being Underpaid with Amelia Martinez Holt 🇩🇴






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Episode Summary

Amelia Martinez

Guest: Amelia Martinez Holt 🇩🇴

Ever have to “tighten the belt” because what you earn doesn’t cover your basic expenses?

Master negotiator, former Mastercard Executive, and immigrant, Amelia Martinez JD, shares how she went from being so grossly underpaid that she couldn’t afford basic food to negotiating tuition reimbursement for law school, to holding C-Suite roles at Fortune 500 companies (in her late twenties), to negotiating over $80 billion in corporate transactions. Learn what she did to keep a positive mindset in her poorest days and the strategies she used to go from working hard and broke to working hard earning six figures at the top of the corporate ladder.


Guest Bio Amelia is a retired business lawyer who shot up the corporate ladder. Before the age of 30 she was working in C-Suite executive positions for Fortune 100 companies. Over the course of her career she closed 85 billion in transactions for companies like BellSouth (AT&T), Ingram Micro, and Mastercard. Her work earned her a reputation as a skilled negotiator of international mega transactions. Amelia decided to make a career change and step away from her legal career to become the person she wished was next to her as she grew her career but didn’t have. She is now a Professional Coach accredited by the International Coach Federation. Amelia dedicates her time to help modern career people create the life and success they truly love and are excited to wake up to every day. She has coached over 2,000 professionals from 5 continents. Amelia recalls that since she was a teenager, she became fascinated with the power of the mind and human development. And for over two decades, she has been blending her experiences and learnings from the scientific, evidence-based approaches, with the mindfulness of ancient wisdom in her impactful coaching style. Amelia is a mother to four children, considers herself a foodie, loves to cook, and enjoys traveling the world with her kids. She currently resides in Miami with her children and their pets. Website:  About the PayDestiny Podcast The PayDestiny Podcast is dedicated to ensuring Latinas, women, and underrepresented professionals are: 1.) competitively paid, and 2.) represented in leadership positions. Each episode interviews a Latina/Latino/Latinx employee, decision maker, or business owner who shares insights on how they overcame challenges to increase their pay, get promoted, and reach career goals, and/or how they make compensation and promotion decisions. Each guest participates in a game of situational instinct where they are provided a series of workplace scenarios and have to share how they would handle each situation to ensure their career growth and goals are not hindered before a timer runs out. Through the lived experiences of Latinas, Latinos, and Latinx professionals listeners can learn how to navigate and overcome challenges to career and pay growth. About the Host To learn more about, and connect with The PayDestiny Podcast Host, Adriana Herrera, click here  

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