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Career Tip #2

Salary Negotiation Mistake: Underestimating the Importance of Likeability

Avoid doing this to reach career goals. 


by | Last updated Oct 15, 2021

Reach Career Goals Avoid This Salary Negotiation Mistake Underestimating Likeability IG (Career Tip #2)

Research has shown that people tend to find a message more appealing and persuasive when it is delivered by someone who is likeable. Use your body language to appear more likeable.

Consider these three dos and don’ts for your next salary negotiation:

🚫  Don’t cross your arms or legs
✅  Do keep your arms opens open and palms naturally showing

🚫  Don’t look away when you speak
✅  Do make eye contact with the person you are negotiating with

🚫  Don’t lean back in your chair
✅  Do sit upright in your chair and slightly/ naturally lean when listening and responding

When you negotiate your salary you are negotiating with another person. How much the person likes you will or will not work to your favor. Increase your likeability by ensuring your arms are not crossed, by making eye contact, smiling, and slightly leaning in when speaking. You can negotiate hard for your salary and increase your pay without coming across unlikeable.


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