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Career Tip #11

Salary Negotiation Mistake: Outright Saying “No”

Avoid doing this to reach career goals. 


by | Last updated Oct 12, 2021

Reach career goals avoid this salary negotiation mistake IG (Outright Saying “No”)

If you’re unhappy with any part of a compensation offer, there are various methods to voice your issues without explicitly stating no. Offer an alternative to something you don’t agree with. Saying “No” outright can offend the person you are negotiating with and/ or put them on the defense. Either one of these is not helpful to your salary negotiation. It is more beneficial and tactful to state why you think something might be wrong while leaving room for compromise.

Five Alternatives to Outright Saying “No”
Rather than saying “No” to an offer you don’t like here are five things you could say instead:

  • Option 1: “I understand what you are offering, but I feel it would be more beneficial if we could work out a different arrangement.”
  • Option 2: “I think might be worth reconsidering _____?”
  • Option 3: “The offer is below what the market is paying for someone with my experience in this role. I would love find a middle ground. What can we do to move forward?”
  • Option 4: “I’m still weighing my options, can I get back with you in X number of days?” (Ask for more time to consider the offer. This is especially useful if you are trying to think of a counteroffer, but don’t want to outright say no in the moment.)
  • Option 5: “I’m considering other offers but I would really like to work here because ____________. Is there any way we can meet in the middle?”

To move a negotiation forward in a positive direction keep the conversation flowing by offering alternatives. To achieve your salary negotiation goals avoid outright saying “No.”

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