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Your Achievement Bank helps you quantify small and big work wins and creates a historical record of career achievements to increase your professional value.


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Quantified Work Examples

Each of your work wins adds value to your professional market value. Click below for examples of quantified small and big work wins.

10 Examples of Small Quantified Work Wins
  • I freed up 45 minutes of time by adding a CRM directly in my inbox.
  • I helped Michael meet his deadline by volunteering to reformat his presentation.
  • I took a course on leadership communication by creating a professional development pitch, requesting a stipend, and having my request approved.
  • I helped a colleague brainstorm a solution to a software bug by asking questions about the user, the architecture, and process they used.
  • I finished wire-framing the new app concept ahead of schedule by using my speedy Figma skills.
  • I applied for and was accepted to speak at a conference by receiving encouragement from managers and peers.
  • I defined and wrote up three personal core values that I plan on living by listing out what is important to me, categorizing the list, and condensing the categories into three core values.
  • I reduced my promotion interview anxiety by signing up for PayDestiny and using their step-by-step process to ace my promotion interview and negotiate for a competitive pay raise.
  • I had a 1 hour 15 minute coffee with the CEO of one of the top companies in my industry by reaching out on LinkedIn and following up on email to ask for a 20 minute informational coffee meeting and preparing thoughtful questions to ask during the meeting.
  • I freed up three hours every week by dedicating time to send and respond to email and beginning to use the Pomodoro technique.
10 Examples of Big Quantified Work Wins

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is a Phlebotomist:

  • I increased patient happinesses by 78% by reducing patient wait times by 20 minutes by analyzing the reason for extended wait times and developing and implementing an informal process to help elderly patients and English as a second language patients enter their information in our self check-in tablets.

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is an Administrative Assistant:

  • I reversed the company’s financial loss of $15,000 per month on copier repair costs by streamlining the copier repair process, reducing our turnaround time in receiving parts, and organizing part management. The actions I took led to an increase in customer satisfaction scores among internal employees who use our various copy machines on a daily basis.

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is a Senior Engineer:

  • I increased database admin effectiveness by 20% and reduced latency by 40% by completing a flawless transition from LAMP stack to MEAN stack.

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is a entry-level Public Relations Associate:

  • I increased my client’s spend this quarter by 34% by developing a process that sends them a report on the previous week’s outcomes every Thursday morning with an easy to use link to add additional campaign tasks that we bill for. 

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is an entry-level Social Media Director:

  • I increased our website traffic by 25% and lead generation by 20% by creating a system for other social media managers to add content daily so I could schedule it all in advance.

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is a Project Manager:

  • I increased productivity by 15% by reducing the number of emails sent back and forth for data verification. I’m now generating a weekly task list with a column for due dates, questions, and clarifications to avoid future delays.

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is a Retail Associate:

  • I increased sales by 15% in my department by creating an email template to send to high-level customers that allows them to add items to their online shopping carts and reduce their wait time.

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is a Cashier:

  • I increased customer satisfaction by 30% by developing and implementing a system of hand signals while we were training new cashiers after one of our cashiers was injured at work, which helped reduce the number of long lines in our checkout lanes.

Example of a big quantified work win for a person that is an Executive Chef:

  • I increased our profits by 20% by developing a cost effective menu using local ingredients that has been named “the best and freshest” in our company’s local area, which is now being imitated at other locations.
What you could be leaving on the table by not quantifying work wins

Why Quantify Work?

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Over time it’s easy to forget our small and big wins. These wins have professional value. Build a historical record of your achievements to ensure they return value to you and help grow your career and compensation.

Why Quantify Work?

Overcome Self Doubt to Grow Your Career

When you have a historical record of quantified work wins it’s hard to talk yourself out of going after new opportunities, to accept being overlooked for promotions, and/or accept being underpaid.

Build Confidence

Celebrate your progress

Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Use Progress to Get Noticed

Why Quantify Work?

Get Noticed

Select quantified work wins to share on social media. Attract the attention of your industry and inspire others.

Your Achievement Bank is Loaded with Features to Quantify and Track Work Wins

Get hired

Quantify Job Search Work Wins

Get detailed steps to quantify and organize a job search, ace an interview, and land a job.

Master your job

Quantify Your Mastery of Your Job

Use prompts to quantify work wins that demonstrate how well you do your job.
Level up leadership skills

Quantify Skill Development

Use a list of suggested leadership skills to guide and quantify professional development progress.
Get promoted with competitive pay

Quantify Promotion and Salary Negotiation Progress

Use a list of suggested promotion readiness and salary negotiation steps to get ready for promotion interviews. Quantify progress.

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