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On demand salary negotiation software. What’s included:

  • Salary research tools and guided step-by-step salary research process to figure out how much to ask for
  • Guided step-by-step process to establish anchor must-haves
  • Salary negotiation dashboard with salary negotiation calculations 
  • Personalized salary negotiation scripts for different scenarios
  • Personalized salary negotiation templates for different scenarios 
  • Personalized job-specific salary negotiation talking points that justify competitive pay based on your work history and achievements
  • Library of interactive salary negotiation questions
  • Library of interactive salary negotiation rebuttals 
  • Run mock salary negotiations
  • Practice, record, and master what you’ll say 
  • Tools to set and track career goals
  • Tools to log, quanitfy, and tag small and big career wins for use in job interviews, promotion interviews, negotiations, one-on-one manager meetings, and performance reviews
  • Tools to master a job’s duties and responsibilities
  • Tools to get your manager invested in helping you level up and get a promotion
  • Interactive promotion interview questions
  • 365 days of access to build your skills and confidence to negotiate your total compensation when considering a job offer, when you get new job duties, when you’re surpassing goals at work, during mid-year reviews, during annual reviews, and when you get a promotion
2% for People Empowerment

Two Percent for People Empowerment

We reinvest two percent of every purchase to provide subscription scholarships.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayDestiny?

    PayDestiny is on demand pay empowerment software. We provide interactive tools to build skills and confidence to negotiate salary, job perks, benefits, stock options, and more.

    We have modernized how people learn to negotiate compensation and democratized the process so that anyone can maximize their pay without having to pay thousands of dollars in fees.

    Who should use PayDestiny?

    PayDestiny believes everyone should be paid equitably. PayDestiny can be used by anyone when:

    • Considering a job offer.
    • New job duties are assigned.
    • Goals are constantly being surpassed at work.
    • Preparing for mid-year reviews.
    • Preparing for annual reviews. 
    • Preparing for a promotion.

    All women, especially Black women and Latinas, Black men, and Latinos, are significantly underpaid. PayDestiny is a great resource for underrepresented, underrecognized, and underpaid individuals, to maximize pay and access tools to help get promoted. 

    What makes PayDestiny different?

    When you sign up for PayDestiny you can access to tools to:

    • Figure out what to ask for
    • Learn what to say to negotiate competitive compensation in different scenarios 
    • Build skills and confidence for in-person, over the phone, and email salary negotiations

    Today, if you were to hire a salary negotiation coach they would conduct an initial assessment by asking a list of questions, then they would use the information to research what the market is paying for your job and for someone with your skills and experience, they would generate and provide you a report, meet with you about the details of their report and share what you should ask for, suggest strategies, and share salary negotiation templates, and maybe run through a mock negotiation. All of this would either cost you 10% of what you negotiate (i.e. thousands of dollars you deserve and shouldn’t have to part with) or a per hour consultancy fee (resulting in paying thousands of dollars you deserve and shouldn’t have to part with).

    When you sign up for PayDestiny you get:

    • An initial assessment, 
    • A salary negotiation dashboard, 
    • Data on what the market is paying, 
    • Suggestions on what you should ask for, 
    • Personalized salary negotiation scripts and templates for different scenarios, 
    • Interactive salary negotiation questions and mock negotiations,
    • Tools to set and reach pay and career goals, and
    • Tools to get your manager involved in supporting your career growth.

    The best part is that PayDestiny is compassionately priced, on demand, and can be accessed for 365 days.

    We’re also founded by a Mexican American Latina who started her career underpaid, had people laugh in her face when she asked for more money, and who learned how to overcome gender and race biases to get paid what she’s worth. PayDestiny was designed using personal experiences and successes.

    Do you give back?

    ​Yes, PayDestiny gives back.

    PayDestiny reinvests two percent of every purchase to create subscription scholarships. Scholarships are provided through our Adelante Initiative to non-profit partners and community groups who work with persons:

    • Who were formerly incarcerated or in the prison system and preparing for re-entry,

    • Who are housing insecure,

    • Who have a disability, and/or

    • Who identify as an under resourced Latino/ Latina/ Latinx or Indigenous American.

    What industry and career stage is PayDestiny built for?

    PayDestiny is intentionally designed to help any person, in any industry, at any stage of their career maximize their pay.

    Whether you’re someone who is just starting their career and wants to establish a solid foundation to maximize pay over the course of your career or you’re mid-career and want to get paid what you deserve, PayDestiny can help you build the skills and confidence to increase your compensation.

    Why do you provide access for 365 days?

    PayDestiny takes a holistic view to pay empowerment and maximizing total compensation. Maximizing what you earn is not done through a single action or conversation. Throughout the year it is likely you will have an opportunity to do one or more of the following:

    • Negotiate a job offer
    • Negotiate an annual pay raise 
    • Negotiate compensation when given a promotion 
    • Negotiate compensation when given new job responsibilities
    • Negotiate compensation with surpassing expectations
    • Negotiate compensation if you discover you are underpaid 

    In addition, the process of maximizing compensation and career growth includes:

    • Setting and tracking pay goals,
    • Setting and tracking skill goals, 
    • Setting and tracking promotion goals,
    • Getting your boss/supervisor/employer invested in growing your career, and
    • Preparing for promotion interviews.

    It is for these reasons that PayDestiny provides on demand salary negotiation and pay empowerment software for 365 days. 

    Can I purchase just one month of access?

    Yes, you can purchase one month of access to PayDestiny though the price for PayDestiny is always the same regardless of how much you log-in and use PayDestiny.

    The cost is $15.74/month (billed annually which is $188.88/year). 

    When you purchase access to PayDestiny you get 365 days of access. You can access PayDestiny multiple times a day everyday or only access PayDestiny for a month. How much you choose to access, and use, PayDestiny is up to you. 

    Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

    Yes, a subscription can be purchased as a gift. To gift a subscription select the “Is this a gift?’ at checkout.

    Do you offer refunds?

    PayDestiny does not offer refunds for the following four reasons:

    1.) Instant value
    Once you access our features you instantly receive value by interacting with personally developed, researched, and developed compensation, pay raise, promotion, and career growth tools. 

    2.) Our Achievement Bank is Free
    To ensure every person has access to meaningful tools to maximize their pay and growth their career we choose not to charge for everything we offer. Our Achievement Bank is free. This helps to level the playing field and ensures we do not contribute to the creation of financial barriers that hinder career advancement and pay growth for the people who are most underpaid and overlooked.

    Requesting a refund for PayDestiny’s solutions would be like getting a free sample of your meal, liking it, ordering the entire meal, then attempting to return a portion of the uneaten food for a refund because you “didn’t like” the meal. 

    3.) We are compassionately priced and put people before profit

    We are intentionally compassionately priced. Compassionate pricing is the process of purposely setting a product’s price below market rates. We choose to be below the market rate because we are opposed to the creation of financial barriers that block people from accessing tools that level the playing field and help them level up. Every person with the desire, passion, work ethic, and persistence to achieve their goals should have the same access to tools to do so. We put people before profit and are intentionally compassionately priced.

    4.) We giveback
    We reinvest two percent of every purchase to create PayDestiny scholarships. Our subscription scholarships are provided to individuals that were formerly incarcerated, currently incarcerated and preparing for re-entry, that are developmentally delayed or have a disability, housing insecure, and/or identify as an under-resourced Latino/ Latina/ Latinx or Indigenous-American. 

    If you do not support compassionate pricing, agree to PayDestiny’s Terms of Service, and agree to our no refund policy (detailed in our Terms of Service) please do not purchase a subscription. No refund will be provided. Any dispute that may arise will be handled in accordance to our Terms of Service.

    What is Compassionate Pricing?

    Compassionate Pricing is the process of intentionally setting a commercial retail price below market rates so that the product is available to any socioeconomic group. We developed the phrase “Compassionate Pricing” to summarize our ideology.

    PayDestiny believes every person with the desire, passion, work ethic, and persistence to achieve their goals should have the same access to tools to do so.

    PayDestiny is opposed to the creation of manufactured financial barriers. An example of a manufactured financial barrier is charging underrecognized and underpaid individuals hundreds to thousands of dollars for limited scope career coaching.

    Excessive prices create an unlevel playing field where one must be financially privileged to access meaningful tools to get a promotion and pay raise.

    We put people before profit and work to level the playing field by intentionally setting Compassionate Pricing.