Adriana Herrera

Looking to overcome tech bro culture to increase your pay and happiness?

In this episode of The PayDestiny Podcast learn how Sara Inés Calderón changed careers to become a software engineer and entrepreneur. Learn how her journey into tech lead her to work with challenging personalities that undervalued her. Unlock her insights to:

  • Overcome tech bro culture, 
  • Successfully negotiate salary, and 
  • Build a balanced worklife. 

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The PayDestiny Podcast Episode 4

Overcome Bro Tech Culture to Increase Your Pay and Happiness with with Sara Inés Calderón 🇲🇽🇺🇸




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Episode Summary

Sara Ines Calderon

Guest: Overcome Bro Tech Culture to Increase Your Pay and Happiness with Sara Inés Calderón 🇲🇽🇺🇸

Find yourself at work thinking “This is not what I signed up for”?

Entrepreneur and engineer, Sara Inés Calderón, shares lessons learned to smoothly change careers and enter the world of software. Sara shares the spectrum of “leaders” she encountered after her transition to tech and how negative experiences led her to trust herself to create her own React Native app development firm, Tercera. Learn her dos and don’ts to overcome bro tech culture, successfully transition into tech, and grow a career as an underrepresented professional.

Guest Bio
Sara Inés Calderón is an entrepreneur and engineering lead based in Austin, Texas. She began her career as a newspaper journalist, transitioned to digital media, then software, now she works on bleeding edge of tech and builds inclusive tech teams. She is currently most interested in cybersecurity.

Since 2015 she’s worked with Women Who Code – Austin, and launched her own app development firm Tercera in 2020.

Tercera specializes in making mobile apps with React Native with the goal to help small businesses — especially those owned by women and people of color — level up by creating mobile apps to support their business. Tercera can both create apps from scratch, or jump in to support existing apps.


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About the PayDestiny Podcast

The PayDestiny Podcast is dedicated to ensuring Latinas, women, and underrepresented professionals are: 1.) competitively paid, and 2.) represented in leadership positions.

Each episode interviews a Latina/Latino/Latinx employee, decision maker, or business owner who shares insights on how they overcame challenges to increase their pay, get promoted, and reach career goals, and/or how they make compensation and promotion decisions.

Each guest participates in a game of situational instinct where they are provided a series of workplace scenarios and have to share how they would handle each situation to ensure their career growth and goals are not hindered before a timer runs out.

Through the lived experiences of Latinas, Latinos, and Latinx professionals listeners can learn how to navigate and overcome challenges to career and pay growth.

About the Host
To learn more about, and connect with The PayDestiny Podcast Host, Adriana Herrera, click here


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