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Figuring out if you are underpaid compared to coworkers or based on what the market is paying can be hard. Asking for a pay raise can feel scary. PayDestiny makes all this easy. Access our FREE ‘7 Day Pay Raise Boot Camp’ below.

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Answer Questions to Create Your Salary Negotiation Dashboard


Identify Pay Gaps

Take our free boot camp to assess if your total rewards package (i.e. base pay, equity, job perks, benefits, career growth opportunities, bonuses, etc.) is equitable within the market and within your company.

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Answer Questions to Create Your Salary Negotiation Dashboard


Close Pay and Opportunity Gaps

If you are underpaid get the tools, coaching, and confidence you need to close a wage gap, get paid your worth, and maximize your total rewards package like a pro.
Close Pay and Opportunity Gaps
Close Pay and Opportunity Gaps

Get paid what you’re worth!

Get tools to maximize the monetary, professional, and personal value of your total rewards package.

Maximize Base Pay


Maximize Benefits

Maximize Job Perks

Get the Best Job Title

Maximize a Signing Bonus

Maximize Stock Options

Maximize Career Growth

Maximize Work/Life Balance

6 Reasons Professionals Successfully Maximize Their Current Pay With PayDestiny

Master of Action

They know that not making a decision is a decision. They take immediate action on their goals and always find a solution to any problem.

Hero of Their Own Story

They know no one is coming to “do it” for them. They know their fate is in their own hands. They take complete ownership in defining their goals, recognizing their weaknesses and overcoming obstacles.

Dedicated to Living Their Best Life

They don’t take anything for granted. They honor the sacrifices of the people who came before them by making sure they get the most value out of everything they do. They use their success to fill their life, and the lives of the people they love, with abundance.

Lifelong Learner

They know there is always going to be another “first” to figure out. They aren’t afraid to do what it takes. They look for, and successfully apply, solutions to overcome obstacles and achieve goals they set for themselves.

Hungry for Growth

They are proud but never satisfied. They are a top performer at work and give 100 percent. Once they reach a goal they are already looking ahead to what’s next. Their sights are always set on the next level. They are constantly growing by accepting and applying feedback.

Emerging Expert Communicator

They know that keeping quiet will result in being overlooked and underpaid. They put in the work to become a confident, clear communicator. Tough conversations become second nature to them. They say what needs to be said professionally. Their communication ensures they are heard and helps them to reach their goals.

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Access Pay Empowerment

Understand Your Market Value and Get Paid What You’re Worth

Analyze and Understand What You Earn

Identify Income and Opportunity Gaps

Learn Everything You Can Ask For to Maximize Your Pay and Total Career Earnings

What Others Are Saying

“Increase pay equity and reach career goals…be empowered to excel.”

~Business Insider

What Others Are Saying

“Learn to negotiate…closing the pay gap benefits us all.”

~RealSimple Latina Women Earn Less Than White, Black, and Native Women—Here's How We Can Close the Pay Gap

What Others Are Saying

“Negotiate for job perks that will positively impact household income.”

~Parents | 6 Job Perks Parents Should Ask About

What Others Are Saying

“Do better during job interviews, promotion conversations, and pay negotiations.”

~The Tempest

“This is so helpful.”

~ Sandra S.

“This has been AMAZING for me personally.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayDestiny?

PayDestiny is on-demand pay empowerment software. We provide interactive tools to build skills and confidence to figure out if you’re underpaid and negotiate base pay, employee stock options, a sign on bonus, your job title, job perks, and more.

We have made it easy for professionals to:

  1. Identify wage and opportunity gaps,
  2. Access pay empowerment tools,
  3. Build the skills and confidence to successfully close wage and opportunity gaps without looking greedy, and
  4. Access culturally relevant information and tools that help to overcome gender and racial bias.

PayDestiny democratizes information about how companies make compensation and promotion decisions and provides tools to maximize a job offer and/or current pay without having to pay an expensive salary negotiation coach thousands of dollars in fees. ​

What makes PayDestiny different?

Today, if you were to hire a salary negotiation coach to help you ask for a pay raise and/or negotiate a job offer they would conduct an initial assessment by asking a list of questions, then they would use the information to research what the market is paying for your job and for someone with your skills and experience, they would generate and provide you a report, meet with you about the details of their report to share what you should ask for, suggest strategies, share templates, and maybe run through a mock negotiations.

These services would either cost you an upfront retainer fee of hundreds of dollars and 7% – 30% of the pay increase you generate (i.e. thousands of dollars you deserve and shouldn’t have to part with), and/or a per hour consultancy fee of hundreds of dollars (resulting in paying more than a thousand dollars).

PayDestiny is a social enterprise. This means we are a mission driven organization. PayDestiny is dedicated to pay empowerment and closing the wage gap for underestimated professionals. As such, PayDestiny provides a myriad of value tools for free that traditional salary negotiation coaches charge for.

Some of PayDestiny’s free tools include but are not limited to:

  • An initial fill-in-the-blank job offer and current pay assessment,
  • A salary negotiation and pay raise dashboard,
  • Tools to set compensation goals,
  • Data on what the market is paying,
  • Suggestions on what pay, job perks, and benefits, to ask for, and
  • An Achievement Bank to quantify small and big professional wins.

PayDestiny is also a software solution built out of authenticity. PayDestiny was founded and built by a Mexican American Latina who started her career not even knowing she could negotiate her salary.

Over the course of her career as an employee and startup operator she experienced being underpaid and overlooked for opportunities based on gender, race, and femininity.

She overcame these challenges by teaching herself how to successfully negotiate everything she could: base pay, equity, job titles, benefits, job perks, remote work, flexible work hours, promotions, promotion pay, pay raises, term sheets, multi-million dollar SaaS deals, and more.

As the Co-founder and CEO of investor backed startups she experienced the challenges of setting equitable compensation matrices. A challenge she experienced, and overcame, was pushing past (bad) advice from investors to pay employees as little base pay as possible and compensate employees with stock options. A common practice used by tech companies and startups that results in wage gaps and voluntary employee turnover.

PayDestiny is intentionally designed to close wage gaps by empowering as many underestimated professionals as possible with the knowledge, tools, confidence, and support needed to maximize life-time career earnings.

How is PayDestiny free?
PayDestiny can be used for free by anyone who wants to understand if they are underpaid, their value in the market, what to ask for, and who wants to set compensation goals.

We believe in compassionate pricing. Compassionate pricing is a term we use to describe our process of intentionally setting a commercial retail price below market rates so that the product is available to any socioeconomic group.
PayDestiny believes every person with the desire, passion, work ethic, and persistence to achieve their goals should have the same access to tools to do so.

PayDestiny is opposed to the creation of manufactured financial barriers. An example of a manufactured financial barrier is charging underestimated and underpaid individuals an expensive hourly fee, retainer, and/or a percentage of what is negotiated.

Excessive prices create an unlevel playing field where one must be financially privileged to access tools that can significantly increase their pay.

Charging a success fee in the form of a percentage of what is negotiated takes away from pay empowerment and contributes to the wage gap.

We put people before profit. PayDestiny works to close wage gaps and level the playing field by intentionally offering services everyone else charges for for free and making sure they are of the highest caliber.

We make money by providing premium pay empowerment software. Anyone can use our free software however our premium software offers tools to fully maximize base pay, job perks, benefits, and more. An analogy…our free software is like a fishing pole to catch a big fish and our premium software is like a net to catch a school of fish.

The best part is we guarantee our premium software if there is no pay raise, we issue a refund. That’s how confident we are in our solutions and work.

What industry and career stage is PayDestiny built for?
PayDestiny can be used by professionals in any industry. However, PayDestiny is best for individuals whose employment package includes some or all of the following variables:

  • A sign on bonus
  • Benefits
  • Career advancement opportunities (e.g. learning and development)
  • Commission
  • Equity/profit-share/stock options
  • Job perks
  • Merit bonuses/bonus schedule
  • Opportunities for meaningful recognition and advancement (i.e. clearly defined metrics that demonstrate success and a defined process to trigger promotions)
  • Other income impacting variables
  • Other variables that increase happiness at work and ability to be successful
  • Possible better job title opportunities
  • Salaried base pay

Whether you’re someone just starting their career or you’re well into your career and want to get the pay, job perks, benefits, and career growth opportunities you deserve, PayDestiny can help you build the skills and confidence you need to successfully ask for a pay raise and maximize your total take home value and career growth opportunities.