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Getting ready to have a compensation discussion?

In this episode of The PayDestiny Podcast get employer’s tips to have a successful compensation discussion. Learn how Liliana Monge, Co-founder and CEO of Sabio, a leading coding bootcamp in California, thinks about, and makes, compensation decisions. Gain Liliana’s insights to better understand:

  • Employee compensation packages,
  • How to prepare for compensation conversations, and 
  • What employers want to hear in a salary negotiation.

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The PayDestiny Podcast Episode 8

Compensation Discussion Employer Tips to Increase Pay with Liliana Monge 🇲🇽🇨🇴


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Episode Summary

Liliana Monge

Guest: Compensation Discussion (Employer Tips to Increase Pay) with Liliana Monge 🇲🇽🇨🇴

Ever wonder “How are they deciding what they are going to pay me?

Entrepreneur, Co-founder, and CEO of Sabio, Liliana Monge, shares how she makes hiring and compensation decisions. Learn the importance of researching what the market is paying for a position, the value of communicating your passion for a company’s mission, and the need to understand salary compensation terminology to ensure you are competitively paid.

Guest Bio
Liliana is the co-founder and CEO of Sabio, a multi-million dollar profitable coding bootcamp. Sabio empowers people with the infrastructure and support needed to successfully change careers, develop in-demand technology skills and get hired at top companies like Google, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, amongst many others.

Sabio, founded in 2012, was inspired by a desire to increase the representation of Latinos and people from underserved communities in the tech industry that was emerging in Los Angeles. What started as a desire to help empower her community has turned into a compliant and fast growing training curriculum to successfully grow a career as a software engineer.

Prior to co-founding Sabio Liliana worked in real estate preparing project feasibility and proforma analysis for dozens of publicly owned properties. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Wellesley College.

Women’s Coding Scholarship:

Connect with Liliana Monge:

About the PayDestiny Podcast
The PayDestiny Podcast is dedicated to ensuring Latinas, women, and underrepresented professionals are: 1.) competitively paid, and 2.) represented in leadership positions.

Each episode interviews a Latina/Latino/Latinx employee, decision maker, or business owner who shares insights on how they overcame challenges to increase their pay, get promoted, and reach career goals, and/or how they make compensation and promotion decisions.

Each guest participates in a game of situational instinct where they are provided a series of workplace scenarios and have to share how they would handle each situation to ensure their career growth and goals are not hindered before a timer runs out.

Through the lived experiences of Latinas, Latinos, and Latinx professionals listeners can learn how to navigate and overcome challenges to career and pay growth.

About the Host
To learn more about, and connect with The PayDestiny Podcast Host, Adriana Herrera, click here


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