Pay and Career Growth Tools

Make a Deposit

Deposit Achievements (Free)

Easily log, quantify, and build a record of your personal and professional achievements. Build a historical record of your successes.

PayDestiny Achievement Bank

Achievement Bank (Free)

Track your work performance and career goals. Prepare talking points for meetings, annual performance reviews, one-one-ones with managers, promotion interviews, and/ or salary negotiations.

Negotiation Dashboard

Salary Negotiation Dashboard

Use your dashboard to get a tactical view of your job offer, what the market is paying, what to ask for, and your goals.

Build Your Negotiation Foundation

Build Your Negotiation Foundation

Build your confidence and skills to successfully negotiate salary by building a solid foundation step-by-step.
Negotiate More

Negotiate More

Use our guided process to develop salary negotiation talking points that position you to get the highest pay.

What to Say

What to Say (Scripts and Templates)

Learn what to say. Use your personalized scripts and templates to negotiate in-person, on the phone, and over email.

Get Mock Salary Negotiations (PayDestiny)

Mock Salary Negotiations

Run mock salary negotiations. Practice what you’ll say. Overcome nerves. Prepare to negotiate like a pro.

Pay Raise Salary Questions

Pay Raise Salary Questions (Interactive)

Learn to negotiate your salary with confidence. Practice and master your answers to the most asked Pay Raise Salary Questions and Rebuttals.

Get a Promotion

Promotion Interview Practice (Interactive)

Prepare to ace your promotion interview. Practice and master your answers to the Promotion Interview Questions hiring managers ask.

Job Description Hero Image

Get Noticed at Work

Use our step-by process and templates to become a master of your job and get your boss invested in your career growth.
5 Year Career Plan

5 Year Career Plan

Use our guided process to set career goals and create a 5 year career plan.