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Want employees to hit goals and not leave for career growth opportunities?

Add PayDestiny to your workplace to give every employee a career coach. Use PayDestiny to boost employee performance, increase employee retention, and improve company diversity.

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Empower employees with tools to succeed and grow in your company.

56% of employees that turnover say something could have been done to retain them.

~ Source: Gallup

Software to Support Employee Success
Software to Support Employee Success

Software that Empowers Employees 

Create a Foundation for Success and Career Advancement

Give every new and existing employee tools to set promotion and pay goals and understand what metrics determine they are ready to level up. Help them reach goals by giving employees and managers tools to clarify job responsibilities, how the success of each position is measured, and what should be focused on.

Track Success to Improve Employee Performance

Help employees build the game-changing habit of quantifying, tracking, tagging, logging, and sharing their daily and weekly performance. Give them tools to easily identify if they are hitting goals that reflect success.

Reward Success with Pay Raises and Promotions that Improve Employee Retention

Grant pay raises and promotions that are triggered when employees hit predefined metrics that reflect success. Use transparent practices and data to ensure high performing humble employees are not overlooked. Reduce turnover and retain talented employees.

Create Career Paths

Use PayDestiny’s software to build metrics driven transparent career paths and pay scales.

Career Path Example

Save money on employee turnover.

A 100-person organization that provides an average salary of $50,000 can have turnover costs upwards of $2.6 Million per year.

~ Source: Gallup.

Professional Services to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Professional Services to Boost Outcomes and Diversity

Build Organizational Capacity

Partner with PayDestiny to implement systemic operational processes that attract and retain top talent of all backgrounds, improve employee performance, boost company outcomes, and positively impact diversity and inclusion across your business.

We’ll fuze the expertise of your team and ours to create solutions based on the needs of your business, such as:

  • Authentically diverse hiring funnels,
  • Clear job descriptions with measurable success metrics,
  • Employee career paths,
  • Data based pay matrices,
  • Data based promotion matrices,
  • Processes to issue pay raises and promotions using data based matrices,
  • Training for managers and leadership to learn how to use data, matrices, and processes to make unbiased pay raise and promotion decisions,
  • Internal and external communication that highlights opportunities for career advancement and equitable pay,
  • Internal and external communication that highlights systemic diversity and inclusion practices,
  • And, more!
Professional Services to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Build an authentically diverse team that increases revenue.

Companies with diverse management teams report 19% higher revenue due to innovation.

~ Source: Boston Consulting Group

Tools for Employee Success

Set Your Business Apart

Diversity and inclusion is a practice not a program. Add PayDestiny to your workplace to implement practices that create opportunities for every employee.

Set your business apart with tools that:

✓ Utilize performance data to facilitate unbiased compensation and promotion decisions,
✓ Create pay parity and eliminate wage gaps,
✓ Increase the representation of women in leadership positions,
✓ Increase the representation of Latino employees leadership positions,
✓ Increase the representation of Black employees leadership positions,
✓ Increase the representation of employees with disabilities in leadership positions, and
✓ Increase the representation of LGBTQ employees in leadership positions.

Tools for Employee Success
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